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"Mobile at Work enables Digital Transformation using mobile devices combined with our SmartNote and SmartForm technologies"

As a solution provider and system integrator, Mobile at Work offers a portfolio of services and solutions that provide the insight and support needed to get the most out of mobile business environments.

We support the conception, development, implementation and operation of holistic mobile information technology solutions during all phases for companies of any size.

We craft productive mobile solutions to enable Digital Transformation using our SmartNote and SmartForms technologies.

The SmartNote technology allows for a business grade private communication group over which users and management teams are able to sent intelligent notifications and receive feedback. SmartNotes can optionally be forwarded to existing operational and commercial platforms.

Our SmartForm technology not only allows for data capture on mobile devices but includes business logic and workflow to improve efficiency by capturing only relevant data. Combined with photos, comments, signatures and bar code capturing the resultant SmartForm turns data into a powerful record of an inspection, survey or asset registration.

We combine our technologies with our insight into mobile deployments and provide the support needed to get the most out of your mobile business environments.

We package these technologies and bring them to market as :




NotifyUs is a SmartNote solution allowing for anybody to capture incident details for any topic while combining photos, comments and feedback from multiple people into a single collaboration group.

The resultant SmartNote can be used as an internal document (being emailed  to a relevant service department, business or individual) or can be integrated into an existing service delivery tool for further analysis.

The information contained in NotifyUs and the SmartNote can be used to initiate the need for a service action that makes use of the SmartForm capability of our Road Warrior offering.   Reports from NotifyUs and RoadWarrior can be viewed in our InfoHub portal, allowing for greater insight into your business processes and demands.

RoadWarrior aids Digital Transformation using the SmartForm technology to gather data in a structured format. Replies to your questions can take the form of free text, drop-down selections, photos, signatures etc.  More importantly the SmartForm allows for your business logic to be built into the form itself. 

Examples include compliance inspections, on site service cards, site inspections and surveys.

The intelligence in the form allows for our form to be completed quicker and more accurately than competitive offerings - making more efficient use of your staff in the field.

Not only does this provide concise, targeted and accurate data capture but produces intelligent data than can be a analysed using a range of business analytical tools in the market today.  

Reports from NotifyUs and RoadWarrior can be viewed in our InfoHub portal, allowing for greater insight into your business processes and demands.

InfoHub is a reporting tool that enables custom reporting for data gathered through SmartForms and SmartNotes.

Mobile at Work provides a number of standard usage reports that can be used to optimise efficiencies in deploying mobile personnel in their daily schedules.

In addition, customised reports are possible along with our consulting services.  In most cases these are built after deploying the NotifyUs and RoadWarrior technologies.  Having gained an insight as to the type of data that might be required on a regular basis reports are then designed along with the relevant executive and operational teams.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of hand-held mobile solutions and optimised managed services  to increase their productivity and efficiency as an extension to their existing infrastructure ”

Mobile at Work enables Digital Transformation using mobile devices combined with our SmartNote and SmartForm technologies"

We achieve this by

  • Exploiting knowledge of traditional IT environments
  • Utilising technologies from leading players in the converging mobile space
  • Having expertise in various software platforms that extend to the GSM technologies

Our solutions are accessible to organizations of all types and sizes, because they are cost-effective, easy to implement, and simple to use.

We apply our expertise and innovative drive to help our customers adapt their business processes for immediate and sustainable productivity improvements.


Our Values

Customer Experience

We go out of our way to deliver a positive customer experience.

We design our own business processes, our customer interfaces and our products and services to optimize the experience.

When a customer needs our expert support, we respond rapidly and appropriately.

We seek input and feedback and we use it in every aspect of our business to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

A customer is the most important element of our business.

They are not dependent on us
…….   We are dependent on them
They are not interruptions to our work
........  They are the the purpose of it
They are not outsiders in our business
......... They are part of it
We are not doing them a favour ..
.......  They are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.

Simply Accessible

We are committed to making our solutions accessible to organizations of every size and type. We strive to design, package and deploy our solutions so that they improve process productivity, simply.

Privilege and Responsibility

Mobile at Work employees share a sense of privilege and responsibility. We seize opportunities to make a positive difference for our customers and to produce great results for our stakeholders.

Business Process Curiosity

Every employee of Mobile at Work understands the business processes of our customers and demonstrates an active curiosity to find out more. Through curiosity we increase our knowledge of today’s issues, we anticipate trends and disruptions, and we actively seek out new ideas and innovations that will increase our value to our customers.