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Tired of trying to get hold of your landlord ?
Tired of waiting for a response from your Managing Agent ?
Easy identification of that faulty asset ....
Snap a picture - add a comment - sent a SmartNote
Allowing your customers to communicate means happy tenants
Frustrated tenants make for unhappy customers !
Is your landlord not listenening to you ? Drop them a SmartNote !
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A solution that improves communication between reporters and service providers

When they were complaining or trying to contact a responsible party how many times were you asked “Why didn’t you notify us ?”  – well now you can.

The origins’s of this solution came from a cry from Tenants, Landlords, Managing Agents, Consumers, Maintenance Teams – the list goes on.

So we developed “an App for that” !   We call them Smart Notifications.  They are like digital “note-it stickers” that you want to send to someone as part of your day-to-day activities.

NotifyUs keeps us in touch with our investments

We tried unsuccessfully with email, sms and WhatsApp to keep on top of our day-to-day Tenant issues. We ended up spending hours of valuable time trying to keep track of all of the correspondence between the parties. Overnight NotifyUs simplified the process by keeping track of each issue, shortened the time to respond and led to an increase in our customer satisfaction.

Gary harlow

You’ve experienced applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and other similar social media platforms.  Create a group, allow people to join and communication flows between the members.  In the most the communication takes place for all to see and benefit from the shared responses.

How does it all work ?

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Anybody that is registered on your NotifyUs instance is able to send you a SmartNote.  It could be to report a problem with the building or something they’ve noticed during the day or night. Reporters of an incident could be a Tenant, Building Managers, Maintenance staff or Groundsmen, Members of a community, Inspectors – anybody who has a need or interest to NOTIFY you of an event or an incident that needs to be addressed.

Those responsible for handling these SmartNotes are able to respond and feedback to the originator of the incident as well as others than have an interest or involvement in the incident.

A response might be to schedule a repair or provide contact details of suitable service personnel if the responsibility lies outside of the contracted managing agents’s responsibility.

The solution groups photos, description of the incident, comments and feedback all as a single document.  Those responsible for processing the incident are able to send the completed document to service personnel, internal management processes and system as well as track the statistics to allow you to drive efficiencies in your business or community organisations.


The Control Center. Register your Users and Suppliers

The Control Center is the digital hub that controls your entire solution.

Use it to register or remove Users and Suppliers of Service to the service and much more.

Users are any person with an email address that is able to report Incidents and needing to receive feedback in terms of the incident being logged.

Features that set us apart
  • Browser based solutions mean you can manage this anywhere – any time
  • Supplied as a service means you don’t need to own any hardware to deploy
  • Centralized communication allows for consolidated reporting


Who are my reporters ?

Reporters are any person with an email address that is able to Notify Us  of a potential problem, incident, maintenance requirement or service request.

They are your ‘users’ and once registered on your Control Center are able to forward incident for your attention.

They are able to do this from their smartphone, tablets or PC – so there’s no problem with logging an incident 24 hours a day.

Examples include :

  • a Tenant needing to report incidents or problems occurring in their unit, building or common area. They could be electrical, plumbing, structural, leaks etc.
  • a concerned parent needing to notify the maintenance team at a school
  • a brand ambassador (or employee) needing to raise the alarm on discovering incorrect branding at an outlet
  • a community member notifying the residents association of an issue in the area.

If you can think of a situation that might need to be reported on then this is the app for you.

Who receives the SmartNote  ?

The incidents are sent to the management team that registered you on their NotifyUs system and you will be issued with a reference number against your submission.

If you’re a tenant then this would typically be your managing agent or landlord. if you were a member of a residents association then this would be your residents association.

The management team is able to view all incidents or requests and review them.
They are able to provide feedback on the incident and update the progress on a request.

Those that need further actions from suppliers or service personnel that are regarded as preferred suppliers can be forwarded to them for further action.

Features that set us apart
  • using our integration connectors allows you to hand a logged incident over to other systems that might be in place
  • by analyzing the incidents its possible to get a really good insight as to the nature of the incidents being reported


What does it produce ?

Every incident reported is logged automatically and a reference number is assigned and associated with your SmartNote.

The SmartNote along with a description, date logged, when it was last attended to, its current status as well as all the communication and feedback recorded against the item can be readily printed in PDF format.

If you’re attending a meeting with the body corporate and are tired of having to construct a consolidated report on what you’re having to manage then NotifyUs solves this for you without having to lift a finger !

If you’re doing an insurance assessment you’re able to simply print the output and attach it as supporting documentation to the report or claim.

If you’re part of the neighbourhood watch you have ready information to hand over to your local nearest policing body !

Features that set us apart
  • by using one of our exported templates you’re able to transfer the formation easily to other platforms for further processing


Any chance of tracking our usage ?

Absolutely ! While the free edition has limited reporting, our paid plans include standard reports that will give you insight as to the activity on your system.

Easily see the number, types of incidents being reported, the frequency with which your users are submitting. (its also easy to pick up on user behaviour. For example those users users that consume hours of time on what may be trivial matters or repeat call-outs for real maintenance problems that are occurring !)

Its as easy as logging onto our reporting service and drawing the reports.


Key Features of the NotifyUs Solution


Unlock the value of the incident data through insightful online reports and dashboards.

Integrate with our Connectors

Optionally link to InformUs and ServeUs offerings to automatically schedule a task or link to a service provider. Alternatively upload the incident into Building Management Solutions like MDA.

Record, Feedback and Update

Dashboards indicate incidents logged, closed or in progress. Updating an incident status or providing feedback automatically notifies the User.
Examine the timeline and history behind an incident.

Receiving and Processing Incidents

Incidents logged by users from mobile devices or desktop PC’s are automatically added to matters to be handled. In or out of the office – your staff are able to access and update incidents to provide feedback quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Ticket References

Submitting an incident will generate a ticket reference and start the process.

Photo Capture with Comments

Capture pictures or upload them from your PC to provide visibility into on-site inspections, installations, or maintenance situations. Add comments to help

Customisable Incident Types

You maintain a list of predefined types that allow users to log incidents against predefined classifications allowing for faster entry and easy back-end reporting and analysis.

Service Providers

Register your service providers to be able to forward them details of the incident as you subcontract services related to the incident.

Notifications from Registered Users

Your tenants, maintenance teams, drivers, brand ambassadors, reps or staff can easily notify you of an event or incident that they become aware of. They can use Android or Apple mobile devices or a Windows desktop to log an incident.

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